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New Year, new blog, new language: Medizynicus in English

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From today on, for the benefit of those readers who may not be familiar with the German language the author will enjoy the pleasure to post the occasional article in English
…rrrrrright, folks, got that?
Here we are!
Actually we are here for more than four years already… more or less… but if you weren’t able to read German… tough luck!
Today we will write history…
….today is the first day of….
…well, you will see.
Let’s start.
What is all this about?
This is Medizynicus!
…you can’t pronounce that, he?
Medic. Got that?
Medic. with Z.
With Z.
…so I guess you may sort of have got the idea of it?
In short:
Medizynicus is a Medical Doctor, working in a hospital, somewhere in Germany, writing about his day to day life in small-town Germany, busy saving lives and catering for the medical needs of his bustling community.
So… here we go.
Have fun!

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1. Januar 2013 at 07:00

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